Individual Lessons

Weekly Lessons

Most students prefer and benefit the most from individual private lessons scheduled consistently on a weekly basis at a regular time. In this environment the student receives the most individualized and personal guidance and attention. This is where the student can make the fastest progress.


Regular home practice is essential for student success.   Ideally, students should aim for at least 5 days of practice each week.  
Short, daily practice sessions are more effective than one or two long sessions per week.  The most important time for students to practice is right after their weekly lesson, to solidify what they have just learned.  Research has shown that retention of new knowledge drops to 60% after just 24 hours. It’s not a good idea to wait until the end of the week, then “cram” practice right before a student’s next lesson!

For younger students, parental involvement in home practice is crucial for student success.  Please help your student to establish and stick to a practice routine, and see that practice time is free of distractions.  If you are the parent of an elementary age student, please plan to sit with your child for at least a portion of their daily practice time.